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Mrs India UK is a unique pioneer pageant in United Kingdom for British Indians and Asian married women residing in United Kingdom. This pageant was launched in June 2017 and has successfully embarked on a new journey since September 2017 Grand Finale.

Mrs India UK aims to encourage, empower women and provide opportunities to married women. It ensures learning, development, building confidence and strengthening the bond between diversified culture of Indians abroad.

This beauty pageant offers extensive training and development to represent British Indians/Asians Nationally and Internationally in top beauty pageants Mrs Universe, Mrs Earth , Mrs International& Mrs UK World. It is proud moment to being recognised Internationally within its first year of success.

Mrs India UK is emphasising to  redefine the myth of beauty by recognising beauty along with talent, knowledge and skills of these multi-talented women and will continue to do so to benefit today’s women. 


Aditi Gupta

Founder & Director I Mrs India UK , BrandWok Limited

Aditi Gupta, the entrepreneurial expert is the brain and heart behind Mrs India United Kingdom beauty pageant. Mrs India UK was launched under BrandWok Limited in the year 2017. She is also the Founder & Director of BrandWok Limited which envisage and curates innovative Events, manages Social Media Clients, provides Digital Solutions and an achievable Marketing Plan for Branding & Strategy. 

Kaustav Dey

Artist I Director - BrandWok Limited

Kaustav is an Indian artist (more a dilettante than professional) based in London. Using bright colors, he expresses his art using abstract expressionism to tell a story. Having travelled across the world and having lived in 7 countries he collects stories which he tells via his art. Drawing inspiration from greats like Caravaggio, Dali, Rothko and M.F Husain, he draws themes of social realism from around the world. Through his art he attacks the status quo and social power structure, focussing on the human figure and human condition.


In addition to being an artist he is an HR professional having worked in different global organizations for over 15 years. He is experienced and results-focused professional with progressive experience in providing direction and leadership in the development and implementation of change management processes with a strong emphasis on organisational behaviour and leadership development. Currently he has co founded a Leadership Development company focussing on developing customized learning modules.

Anu Alex

Mrs Earth International 2017

The True Beauty Of A Woman Is Reflected In Her Soul ....Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today..!!!

Anu Alex is the winner of Mrs Earth International 2017 and she is on board with us to guide through theInternational journey for all the contestants of Mrs India UK. She is also a model, pageant coach and mentor based in Singapore. 

Hannah Batten

Director, Mrs UK World

Hannah is director of the Mrs UK World  along with an experienced pageant judge, trainer and mentor. Having won two and competed in no less than 7 internationals, Hannah knows what it takes to win and is a judge source of inspiration for many girls in the pageant industry. Hannah offers opportunities for our Mrs India UK finalists to compete in her mrs World competition.

Dr. Varun Katyal

Celebrity Nutrition & Beauty Expert

Dr. Varun Katyal is a Celebrity Diet and Nutrition, Beauty and Wellness Expert. His work reflects his passion to bring a holistic and integrative approach to Diet and Nutrition, Beauty and Health and Wellness. He believes that maintaining the right balance between body, mind and soul is the key to maintaining good health and well-being. He has been an expert aswell as a jury for many prestigious national and international beauty pageants and contests. He has been featured in many prestigious newspapers and magazines and has appeared on many prestigious TV channels.

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