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Frequently Asked Question and Answers  


Is there any registration cost to apply ?

Yes. Please go through our terms and conditions and also application form. The fee is stated clearly on the form along with the options for mode of payment.


When is the Audition ? Is it compulsory to attend?

Auditions are scheduled for November first week. An email with interview appointment and information will be sent to you by our team. It is necessary to attend the interview as it allows to know you in person and you will love to meet our team as well. If any of the applicants is not available for the one-to-one interview, we either schedule at a later date or go ahead with telephonic/video interview.

Who can apply for the Auditions?

Married/Divorced/Widow women who are residents of United Kingdom (includes Wales, Scotland, Ireland) or British citizens with Indian/Asian Ethnicity can apply. A woman who stays out of United Kingdom but is a British Citizen with Indian/Asian ethnicity can also apply (T&Cs apply for such cases). 

Can my Husband come for the audition? 

Yes, in the past and coming years, we are happy to allow your husband to be a part of the audition interview. It is very important for your spouse to support you for the exciting journey ahead.


What if I am staying far or traveling or miss the auditions? 

We have an option of online/telephonic/video interviews. 


I am a divorcee/widow will it be ok?

Yes. We accept applications from Divorcees /Widowed individuals also.


Is there a requirement of professional picture for application ?

No. We request for a latest/recent picture as a reference record. 


I am not a full time professional or businesswoman, will that be a drawback?

We understand everyone has their own choices to make and we do not evaluate on the basis of profession or business. 

Do I need to be a model to participate ?



I am very short in height and/or on healthier side, will I be not chosen by you?

We do not have such criteria which restrict any particular height, weight, size or physical aspect of an individual. Our criteria are already available on application form.


I don’t know anything about pageants?

During our training we provide entire information on National and International pageants. We do not expect any applicant to know everything about pageants at audition stage. To know more anyone can also have a look at our facebook and youtube journeys.

Do I need to be associated with any charity?

No. If you are associated, we are happy to know and support you.

 I am working during the week, how will I attend the sessions ?

All our sessions happen during weekend considering the availability for working professionals/ business women and home-makers for convenience. We also offer online presence during our sessions.


Do I have to speak English only?

This is not necessary. All National and International pageants allow translators hired by the finalist to represent and communicate in English during the pageant.

How many finalists are chosen? 

The number varies every year.


Is any of the amount for registration or pageant refundable?

Registration fee and Pageant fee is non-refundable. Under certain circumstances, it relies on management to discuss the matter for refund. Please note registration fee and pageants fee is different. Pageant fee is applicable only to selected finalists of Mrs India UK.

I will not be comfortable in swimwear or any revealing or short dresses?

As per our policy, we respect every individuals choice to present herself. In addition to this, our pageant does not have any swimwear round or such a criteria to evaluate. Most of the International pageants also offer options like sports/resort wear.


On what basis you select the contestants during auditions?

Mrs India UK Auditions undertake various parameters to know the potential of each candidate. We provide equal chance to every individual who applies to be one of our Queens. These various parameters include ; conversation abilities, personal and professional information, skills, talents, hobbies. social understanding, capability of bonding with diverse group of women, temperament, personality, presence of mind, answering capability, willingness to transform and more aspects that makes an individual showcase uniqueness of her own to be the chosen one.


What kind of training is provided ?

We are the only pioneer pageants who have excellent training sessions with industry experts. We believe in providing multiple and extensive training at National level so that each finalist learns  to strengthen her capabilities and is ready for any pageant world over , nationally and internationally. The details of the training every year are provided on the day of Orientation with schedule. To name few, we have provided make-up tutorials, styling, photography, catwalk and much more for our amazing finalists.


Am I suppose to do charity compulsory ?

Charity begins from your heart. We do not force any finalists to be involved or get involved unless she is truly dedicated towards the good cause. We support Nainika Foundation and our request is to support the good causes for benefit of the society. This is optional and we do appreciate the smallest participation/contribution by each finalist.


When will I get to know if I am shortlisted ?

Once you have applied, usually our team will call and email you to fix an Interview appointment for auditions. As of now we are in the Auditions phase for 2019 and are expected to declare the selected finalists before December 31st.

I am full time mom and my husband travel a lots, it might get difficult to manage for me ?

Understanding the childcare system, at times we also allow you to bring your child at our sessions or attend the sessions online. We provide support and our team will provide you solutions to help you on more information.


I have never worn heels ?

Our mentors will help you in guiding for heels and also provide training in heels during catwalk sessions.


I don’t know how to do make up or am not good at it or I have basic understanding ?

We have make-up tutorials for our finalists and also provide a list of our official onboard make-up artists with whom you can hire one-to-one make up tutorials. 


I have never done any charity work?

Charity work is an individual choice and we completely understand if you have not done any charity work. This does not affect your selection.


I am not a great public speaker or I can’t talk in front of too many people ?

At our mentoring sessions, we provide training and tips and techniques that help our finalists to build confidence in speaking or addressing audience at large  when on stage. 


Is there any additional fee ?

a) Auditions :

There is no additional fee for Auditions except the entry/registration/audition fee as stated. 


b) Mrs India UK Finalists Training/Mentoring cost

After shortlisting, the training cost is applicable and all details are are provided prior to being on board as one of our finalist. As per our policy, we clearly state the one time cost required for 2-3 months of training session by our official mentors. This is provided immediately after selection and before orientation of the new season. Pageant training cost is a one-time cost for the entire season and process which includes numerous elements provided in our official letter to selected finalists. Please note VAT cannot be hidden cost if charged as per UK laws.


c) Adhoc cost

Adhoc cost can be also determined as deposit for wardrobe sponsor, tickets - depending on your friends and family attending the show. Ad-hoc prices may occur at times but most of them are optional.


The cost spent by any chosen finalist for her own dresses/gowns/make up products/shoes/heels/bags etc., are not termed as pageant training cost or cost attached to the company.


Is there any hidden cost ?

Every cost is discussed and well informed to the finalist whenever required. There is no hidden cost but a proper communication provided to justify if any cost arises or  is required apart from one-time cost stated in earlier point. Please note VAT cannot be hidden cost if charged as per UK laws.

What is the expenditure like on shoes, clothes etc ?

Every individual is unique and has a choices of her own. We cannot determine the cost or value for any individuals affordability. We value and respect everyone with their choices.


Can I take mentoring sessions on one to one basis from the coach ?

Yes. You can take one-to-one mentoring session from any of our official coach or founder/director.  Our mentors are well equipped with knowledge and are provided with pageant format. If you wish to take one-to-one sessions our mentors will charge as per industry rate. Mrs India UK is not involved in such payments and these are directly managed by Mentors. Any outside mentor does not have any association with our system and in such cases we are not liable for any further information. It will be completely your choice to hire the services and settle payments.

Can I get online training?

Yes, we provide opportunities for online training. 

Who will do my make up ?

We have suitable make-up artists on board as a team, freelancers and sponsors. You may also choose to book your own artist if you feel thats best for you during our rounds/finale with prior approval.


I am not good at posing ?

Our mentoring sessions help finalists to learn more about posing


I don’t know what should I do on talent ?

Our mentors will guide you to discuss this further during your pageant journey


What are preliminary rounds ?

Preliminary rounds are pre-finale rounds that are evaluated before the pageant finale. Preliminary round can be photoshoot, talent and interview round where finalist is scored on posing, talent and interviewed on 1/2 questions.


How is the evaluation done ?

Every year evaluation is based on various criteria. These criteria involve personality, social presence, talent, skills, ability to speak, understanding the overall format and more. All details are provided to the finalist during orientation and from time to time till Grand Finale.


Do I need to attend all sessions?

While we recommend you to attend all the mentoring and training sessions, we also understand genuine reasons for absence. We also provide online facilities at times and support those who are unable to attend. There will be some days which may not have such options and it is a must to attend for example ; photoshoot, talent, preliminary, finale days.


Can I get my kid along during sessions ?

We are happy to allow you kid/s under genuine circumstances but at the same time, we all must consider other finalists should not be distracted.


What is the cost for entire pageant ?

The cost of the pageant is the second phase of our pageant. The cost is clearly and transparently discussed and disclosed with all our selected potential finalists after selection and before officially having you on board. Every year we hire number of mentors and venue and additional support to make the journey valuable. This cost also includes sponsorship of make-up training, outfits etc., For 2019, the cost is under decision making.


Also note, the pageant training cost is one time fee. Any additional cost, like tickets, your own shoes, make-up, outfits or etc., that you buy is not the pageant cost but a personal decision and choice that you make.

Will I get to know the scores?

As per our policy, we do not share the scores. We all must understand this is a contest and all scores are evaluated during the journey. Disclosure of scores at times may deject/disappoint the finalist. We expect everyone to respect the judging done by team/mentors/judges/partners etc., who may be involved. The scores only are evaluated to understand the ranking and they do not determine failure for anyone. Pageant journey is an experience  and there is only winning or learning throughout the process.A positive mind-set is a must before joining the pageant. 

I have heard negative/unwanted/rumours/comments/posts/blogs about pageants.

 We understand you may come across such a content not just about our pageant but others too.  While our team puts in immense effort towards the pageant , we are unable to control people's perception or emotional outbursts.  In such cases, we are not liable to justify or explain till we understand the intentions or credibility of the source. We expect all those who come across such a content to be wise enough before trusting or making a decision towards your pageant journey.

What are the fees for international pageant ?

International pageant cost are determined during the training process and will be shared only to the finalists. Each International pageant cost varies and also its inclusions and exclusions vary. This cost is shared with all the finalists much in advance to pre-plan their journey. There are various possibilities of sponsorship that a winner may look at, we provide guidance for the same.

What are my future prospectives after winning the pageant or becoming the Queen?

Our winners have been on an incredible journey since winning during the seasons of Mrs India UK. They have been covered by National and International Media, Radio, Newspaper publications. They have been felicitated at various functions in UK and India, raised awareness and funds for various social causes, modelled for brands and make-up artists in the industry, invited as guest speakers and much more. It is very important to understand that we provide the best platform to showcase your talent and how you promote and make the benefit of this achievement highly depends on your commitment towards the Crown.


Indeed, Crown comes with many Responsibilities!

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